Saturday, June 8, 2019

Classes Cancelled - Water Damage to Studio

Beloved IYDC Community,

We are needing to cancel all classes from today until 16 June 2019. After 23 days of rain in May, we are facing a mold issue in the walls of the studio. When we signed the lease in December, we had no idea how the building would fare through a very wet spring, and had no indications there would be problems.

We are asking the landlord to do comprehensive mold remediation in the building. To do this we have to move all the props, dismantle the rope wall, and dismantle the cork floor. We feel we must do this for the safety and health of our students and teachers.

We are lining up temporary spaces to hold a scaled-down class schedule this summer. Do you have leads on an affordable space with ample floor room? Also, do you have some hours to volunteer to help us? Please contact if you can help in any way.

Lucky for us, Iyengar Yoga is totally adaptable to all circumstances. Even with minimal props, we can benefit from a comprehensive practice. Meanwhile, you could use this time to more fully explore other practices of yoga (pranayama, philosophy, etc), as well as develop your home practice.

Here are some home practice links you could try out:

IYDC Ananda Owners Circle
(Gwi-Seok, Erin, Valeriya, Amber)