Saturday, April 11, 2020

An Audio Sequence from Abhijata

Abhijata Sridhar is BKS Iyengar's granddaughter, who has become an international representative of Iyengar Yoga worldwide, especially since Guruji and Geetaji's passing. We love and appreciate the skillfullness, openmindedness, creativity, insight, and rigor she brings to her classes. In our time of worldwide sheltering at home, she has provided an audio recording and a PDF of a class taught February 12, 2020 that we urge you to try. It emphasizes forward folding while stabilizing the hips.

Abhijata comments, "Without mental stability there cannot be any physical stability. Energy is fuel for the physical body. Where your mind will go, the energy will go, so bring the awareness all over. Sthira sukham asana and dvandva anabhigata – the body AND the mind." 

The Patanjali yoga sutra references here are II.46 and II.48:

II.46 sthira-sukham âsanam
sthira = steady, stable sukham = happiness âsanam = posture
The postures of meditation should embody steadiness and ease.

II.48 tato dvandvânabhighâta
tata = therefore, from these, from that
dvandva = play of opposites, dualities
anabhighâta = insulation, being beyond disturbance
Then, one is no longer disturbed by the play of opposites. 

We urge you to look them up for further study and exploration. There are numerous resouces online, including this.

If you need reminders of the individual poses in this sequence, explore the 1-minute video tutorials on our YouTube channel.

May your practice time be an oasis in the uncertainty and struggle of this moment. May it bring you inner strength, peace, and health.

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